Starting Your Own Tuition Agency


If done correctly, starting a tuition agency is a very satisfying and rewarding experience. With the right business ideas and research materials, you can be successful. Of course, you may invest lots of time and effort on your brand-new business, thus ensure it is a thing you love doing. Or else you’ll have difficulty spending the energy required to make the business profitable.

Have you ever considered this business?

Starting a Business in Singapore – The home tuition industry.

In fact, we have been in this line for 15 over years. And this is what we want to offer you – a recession proof business opportunity that requires small initial capital to start off.

We spent years running and operating a tuition agency, and all that knowledge and education we spent time and money gaining, is now yours, condensed, concise, easily absorbed. That is unheard of value here!

1. Do you know how many parents are looking for a private tutor for their kids each day?

2. Do you know how much profits a tuition agency can make each day?

According to the Department of Statistics, the local tuition industry was reported to be worth $820 million in 2008, up from $470 million in 1998.

If you are keen in operating your own tuition agency, either at home or renting an office, you may contact us for assistance.

Starting a Business in Singapore – We help you to set up a tuition agency.

Our package includes

 Website Creation

We will create a website for you to run the business. Simply provide us your preferred domain name, and we will create one for you. (Free Domain name + Hosting for 1 year. Subsequent year about SGD $37/year only)

arrowRightTinyTake a look at the sites that we created:

Site A , Site B


 FaceBook Business Page Creation

We will create a Facebook fan page for your tuition business. If your business has its own Facebook fan page you have the opportunity to provide more information to prospects as well as customers about the products and services that you offer.

Read more about the 7 advantages of a face book fan page here.

arrowRightTinyTake a look at the Facebook page that we created:

Facebook Page


 FaceBook Business Page Creation

Create a Google plus account for your business. Keeping up-to-date on the latest opportunities and trends, especially with social media, is imperative to your business’ success.

Learn more about the benefits of a Google plus account here.

arrowRightTinyTake a look at the Google plus page that we created:

Google plus


 Content Management System (CMS)

With an easy-to-use Content Management system, our word-press site enable you to easily add new pages and posts in the future. We include plugins for you to add in “no copyright” images, articles and You Tube videos to your new pages. Of course, we will guide you on how to use it.


Unique Software Included

Visitors spy – Track your visitors’ mouse movement for 2 years, you can video record the mouse movement of your visitors and you can analyse what were they doing on your website. (Worth $1,200)

Copyright-Free images from with the back-end of your website (Valued $100)

Facebook Message – Visitors can chat with you directly on your website using Facebook Messager. (Valued $100)

QR Code Create unlimited QR code from within the back-end of your website, you can use all these QR codes that you generated for marketing purposes.


Tutor List + New Tutors Registration

How to get new tutors to register with your tuition agency regularly, and how to get a 10,000 tutors database instantly. You will not fall short in supply of tutors.


 Our EXACT Marketing Methods

When we started our tuition agency 15 years ago, we tried many different marketing methods and strategies to test out which is more effective. We wasted lots of time and money to determine which is workable and which s not…

Today, you do not need to go through all these tough learning curves. We will tell you the EXACT marketing methods that we are using. This is Formidable.

You may visit our office to take a look at our statistics: How many parents call us per day and how many sales we close per day.


 Top Primary School Exam Papers

Top primary school exam papers (soft copies), including English, Maths, Science, Chinese for you to give your clients.



How to arrange a tuition co-ordinator to work for you, so that you can get your business run automatically.


1 on 1 Training Session

Show you the exact training method that we are using to train our own co-ordinators, so that they can close a deal effectively.



Advice on other important and related questions that you may have, after you have started to run your business.

What is Your Potential Earnings?

If you were to close 10 deals a day, do you know how much you can earn per day?

A tuition agency will charge 50% of the tuition fee from the tutor for the first month (for the tuition job that you recommended to him/her). The average tuition fee for a student is about $200 per month, therefore the agency will take $100 in the first month.

Based on the above mentioned, if you close 10 cases in a day, the calculation will be:

10 cases x $100 profits per case = $1,000 Profits per day

It is a fact that you can make a gross profit of $1,000 or even more a day operating a tuition agency. However, not every agency can achieve this figure. This is because they do not know how to run their business EFFECTIVELY.

If you are serious in making serious money operating a tuition agency, please contact us using the contact form below for more details.

We are not going to offer this business opportunity to too many people. We will close this opportunity once we feel that we have helped enough people.


We Offer
Service Providers
We provide  a professional wordpress
based tuition website (more than 5 pages), and we 
write the content and provide images.
A 5 pages wordpress website in
the market costs about S$900. You need to provide your own content 
and images.
Timeline Cover + Business  Page
We design the Facebook 
timeline’s cover and a Facebook business page for you. Again, content
and images provided.
web design company 
charges about S$1,500 for the Facebook timeline’s cover + the Facebook’s
business page. You need to provide your own content and 
Plus Profile + Business Page
We design the Google Plus 
profile page’s cover + create a Google  business page for you. 
Content and images provided.
We have checked he market 
rate for the design of Google Plus profile page’s cover + create a 
Google business page, the rate is about S$800. Again, you 
need to provide your own content and images.
Video Creation
We create and upload a 
Youtube video to your yourtube’s channel and website.
 A web design company
will charge extra for any creation of video.  
You can check out their rate.

Management System’s Tutorial
We teach you how to manage 
your own website, you will learn how to add or edit a page., insert 
image and so on…
Most web companies do not 
teach you that, in fact, they do not encourage you to do any editing jobs
on your website. Some companies only allow a fixed number of changes that you can make, you will need to pay extra fees if you want to make more changes.
Visitors’ Spy

Record every visitor session including scrolls, clicks and mouse movement. Track your visitors’ mouse movement for 2 years (Worth $1,200).

Not available
in the market.
Powerful Plugin These are the plugins we provide
for your website:
1. Image Editing – Its like having a “Photoshop” inside the backend of your website. Special effects, frames, stickers, orientation, focus, resize, crop, warmth, brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness, colorsplash, draw, redeye, whiten, blemish2. Image Library – This plugin allows you to insert non-copyright images, articles, news and youtube videos to your web pages with a click. Simply type in the keywords, and the suitable images, articles, news or videos will be available for you to use.
Not Available
QR Codes Create unlimited QR code from within the back-end of your website, you can use all these QR codes that you generated for marketing purposes. No.
Your Own Tutors’ Base
Yes. You will build up your own tutor’s list as we teach you how to get new tutors to register on your new website. You will eventually build up your own tutor list overtime. No.
We reveal our exact marketing methods to you, you just simply follow our methods and parents / tutors will contact you naturally. One of our students had signed up with one of the tutors’
database  renting company, they advised him to post ads on free classified sites to market this 

Primary School Exam Papers
We provide 2014 top primary
school exam papers for you to provide it as a complimentary gift to your customers.
Hiring and Training Of Coordinators Follow our method to hire and train a tuition co-ordinator to work for you. Materials provided to train the co-ordinator. No.



If you are serious in making $3 – $10k extra income a month operating this low cost business opportunity, then feel free to contact us now.

A summary of what you will get:

1. Standard Website Creation (Valued $688)
2. Facebook Page Creation (Valued $588)
3. Google Profile Page Creation (Valued $488)
4. Youtube Channel + 1 Video Creation ($88)
5. WordPress (Content Management System) Basic Tutorial (Valued $88)
6. A graphic pack for you to add pages to your site (Valued $48)
7. Insert Copyright-Free images from with the backend of your website (Valued $100)
8. Image Editing – Its like having a “Photoshop” inside the backend of your website. (Valued $100)
9. Visitors spy – Track your visitors’ mouse movement for 1 year (Worth $1,200)
10. QR Code Software (Valued $60)
11. Top Primary School Exam Papers (Valued $60)
12. Training and Guidance on hiring Co-ordinators (Valued $100)
13. Guidance on how to Market your tuition business – Trade Secret (Valued $800)

Total Value: $4,408

arrowRightTiny Of course, you are not going to pay $4,408 to get your tuition business started. We will offer you this package  at a discounted rata AT only $780

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